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Volume 3, issue 12 (December, 1978)

Table of Contents
Fast Fourier Transforms on Your Home Computer14
William D. Stanley, Steven J. Peterson
Designing a Unversal Turing Machine: A Software Approach26
Thomas Munnecke
Ciarcia's Circuit Cellar: Build an Octal/Hexadecimal Output Display32
Steve Ciarcia
Interface Your Computer to a Printing Calculator94
Robert H. Astmann
Zapper: A Computer Driven EROM Programmer100
G. H. Gable
Clockless Multiplication and Division Circuits128
Mike Weed
Creating a Chess Player, Part 3: Chess 0.5 (continued)140
This month we conclude the listing and commentary of Chess 0.5 begun last issue. The program was written by Larry Atkin, who is coauthor with David Slate of the world championship chess program, Chess 4.6. The program is readily adaptable to personal computers having Pascal systems such as the UCSD Pascal project software. Part 4 concludes the series with a discussion of chess strategy and tactics.
Larry R. Atkin, Peter W. Frey
Partitioned Data Sets168
A. I. Halsema
Life with Your Computer45
Justin Milliun, Judy Reardon
Some Facts of Life54
David J. Buckingham
One-Dimensional Life68
Jonathan K. Millen
Chess 4.7 Versus David Levy84
The Computer Beats a Chess Master
J. R. Douglas
An Easy Programming System108
Joseph A. Weisbecker
Teaching with a Microcomputer124
George A. Gerhold
The Mother Chip186
He did not want his optional entertainment chip tampered with; his films, recordings, reading and fantasy trips had all been carefully selected, carefully tested over the years.
Lawrence F. Willard
FORTRAN and Its Generalization194
It really is necessary part of your knowledge, even if you're never going to write FORTRAN programs.
W. Douglas Maurer
In This BYTE4
Editorial: New Wonders of the Computer Age6
Carl Helmers
Book Reviews43
Edwin Schlossberg and John Brockman: The Pocket Calculator Game Book
Noel K. Julkowski
Programming Quickies: Life76
William Englander
Nybbles: Z-80 Assembler92
Patrick A. Crowe
BYTE's Bits161
Pascal for Computer Club Members
Attention: Hal 900 Owners
Some BOMB Reflections
Incerental Motion Control Symposium Isses a Call for Papers
A Call for Papers (ISA/79 conference)
American Management Association Offers Courses for EDP and NonEDP Professionals
Addendum (September 1978 BYTE)
BYTE's Bugs163
Chess Bug (October 1978 - "In This Byte")
Address Change (November 1978 - "What's New?")
Tilt! (June 1978 - "The HP-67 and HP-97: Hewlett-Packard's Personal Computers")
Event Queue164
Clubs, Newsletters166
Programming Quickies: Tic-Tac-Toe in BASIC174
Mike Stoddard
Languages Forum176
On Expressing Multiple Condition
Pascal Critique and a Comment
Continuing Comments on APL
Calling Attention to HPL
David Faught, J. O'Loughlin, Timothy J. Stryker, Gerald Robb
Technical Forum184, 202, 208
A Proposal for a Kichen Inventory System, or Don't Byte the Wand That Weeds You
Comments on the RF Entry Method for Video Monitors
Resonating Modulators
Richard S. Shuford, Victor A. Wiseman, Allen Watson III
Desk Top Wonders: Commander in Chief192
A Game for the TI-58 Programmable Calculator
Larry Kollar
What's New?209
Unclassified Ads246
BOMB, Reader Service248

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