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Volume 3, issue 9 (September, 1978)

Table of Contents
A "Tiny" Pascal Compiler, Part 1: The P-Code Interpreter58
Kin-Man Chung, Herbert Yuen
Ciarcia's Circuit Cellar: Let Your Fingers Do The Talking: Scanner Applications94
Steve Ciarcia
Technical Forum: S2L: An Altair (S-100) to LSI-11 Bus Adapter102
Jonathan Bondy
WADUZITDO: How To Write a Language in 256 Words or Less166
Larry Kheriaty
The Mathematics of Computer Graphics22
Jeffrey L. Posdamer
APL and Graphics40
Eduardo Kellerman
Some Words About Program Structure68
Albert D. Hearn
Antique Mechanical Computers, Part 3: The Torres Chess Automation82
James M. Williams
Math in the Real World114
Joel Boney
Graphic Manipulations Using Matrices156
Joel C. Hungerford
In This BYTE4
Editorial: On Entering Our Fourth Year6
Carl Helmers
The NCC '78 Personal Computer Show10
Chris Morgan
BYTE's Bits54
UCLA Computer Club 20th Anniversary Party
A Worm Invaders an Apple... (or, Computer versus Computer)
More Notes from the Rumor Mill: Heath Software
Computerland's Second Birthday
BYTE's Bugs54
Capacitor Value (A Low Cost Light Wand Amplifier, May 1978)
Meetings in Bedford MA (Clubs and Newsletters, July 1978)
Event Queue120
Programming Quickies: Plugging the KIM-2 Gap123
M. Garth Notley
Clubs and Newsletters Directory124
Book Reviews145
The 8080 Programmer's Pocket Guide
Tychon 8080 Hex Code Chart
John A. Lehman
Technical Forum: Making an H9 Undestand Lower Case147
George J. Frye
What's New177
Unclassified Ads206
Reader Service208

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