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Volume 3, issue 2 (February, 1978)

Table of Contents
Ciarcia's Circuit Cellar: A Penny Pinching Address State Analyzer6
Steve Ciarcia
Taking the First Step35
Robert E. Bober
Simulation of Motion, Part 4: Extended Objects, Applications for Boating42
Stephen P. Smith
Add A $3 Light Pen Video Display52
John Webster, John Young
SWEETS for KIM: A Low Calorie Text Editor62
Dan Fylstra
A Minifloppy Interface114
David M. Allen
CIE Net: A Design for a Network of Community Information Exchanges - Part 1, The Beginning14
Mike Wilber
Some Musings on Boolean Algebra25
Dan Bunce, Art Schwartz
Personal Computers in a Distributed Communications Networks80
Jeff Steinwedel
The Brains of Men & Machines, Part 2: How the Brain Controls Outputs84
Ernest W. Kent
Programming Entomology162
Gary McGath
A Simple Digital Filter168
Robert D. Grappel
In This BYTE4
About the Cover5
Complete ASCII19
David M. Ciemiewicz
Languages Forum: The Case for a "Compiler Interpreter"30
Richard Rodman
Languages Forum: APL Character Representations30
David Sloan
Letter from the Publisher60
BYTE's Bugs93
Entomological Archives (June 1976)
Bugged Tidbit (October 1977)
Random Errors (November 1977)
A Sligthly Sour SWEET 16 (November 1977)
Ask BYTE126
BYTE's Bits127
The Future of Personal Computing at COMPCON 78
A Course
A Note for Robot Experimenters
Clubs, Newsletters129
Languages Forum: Comments on APL Character Generators134
Olav Naess
Languages Forum: Baking Baker135
Shal Farley
Languages Forum: Reactions to Previous Comments159
Leigh Janes
Technical Forum: Measuring Program Size167
Stefan T. Dobrowolski
Technical Forum: Some Plotting Comments172
T. P. Roberts
Technical Forum: A Standard for Writing Standards175
David A. Wallace
New York Notes178
Chris Morgan
What's New?182, 200
Classified Ads206
Reader Service208

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