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Volume 8, issue 5 (May, 1983): The Electronic Office

Table of Contents
The Osborne Executive and the Executive II38
Adam Osborne's second and third machines come with more standard equipment, offer more options, and have sligtly larger video screen than Osborne 1.
Jerry Pournelle
Ciarcia's Circuit Cellar: Build an RS-232C Code-Activated Switch49
This device will let you switch between several peripherals connected to one serial port.
Steve Ciarcia
The Electronic Office59
A short introduction to our theme article.
Pamela A. Clark
Local Area Networks60
The proliferation of office communication systems makes standardization all the more imperative.
Harry J. Saal
The Movable Conference104
Computer-moderated conferencing is not bound by time and geographic restrictions and is sure to change the structure of the executive business meeting.
Irving A. Lerch
Eelctronic Publishing: The New Newsletter124
How a newsletter envolved from its traditional fromat to a computer-accessed, interactive investment advisory service.
Arthur S. Bechhoefer
Achieving Greater White-Collar Productivity in the New Office154
The conversion to automated tools in an office must address many issues, especially human factors.
Randy J. Goldfield
Full Use of the Epson MX-80 Under Wordstar203
How to upgrade Version 3.2 of Wordstar to use more of the capabilities of the Epson MX-80 equipped wiht Graftrax-Plus.
Neil G. Wallace
Stalking the East-Asian Microcomputer232
The author chronicles his five-nation tour and reports on the state of microcomputing in East Asia as revealed by attending six electronics trade shows.
Phil Lemmons
The Japanese Microcomputer Marketplace236
A short report on the current state of microcomputing in Japan.
Kurt Veggeberg
An Inexpensive Letter-Quality Printer242
If low cost and letter quality are two of your priorities for a printer, consider this interface between a personal computer and the Olivetti Praxis 30.
Stuart Brown
BYTE West Coast: Ferment in Silicon Walley266
Profiles of four start-up companies suggest the dynamism of the region and illustrate several ways in which firms get started.
Phil Lemmons
NAPLPS: A New Standard for Text and Graphics, Part 4: More Advanced Features and Conclusions272
A standard way to encode color mapping and animation, closing with some predictions on how NAPLPS will be used by personal computers.
Jim Fleming
Better Software Manuals286
The quality of a product's companion documentation could make or break a sale. Tips on what constitutes a good manual.
Dana Sohr
User's Column: Ulterior Motives, Lobo, Bying Your First Computer, JRT Update298
Our resident crtic takes his first look at Modula-2.
Jerry Pournelle
The Enhanced VIC-20, Part 4: Connecting Serial RS-232C Peripherals to the VIC's TTL Port331
The last in this VIC series discusses port connections.
Joel Swank
Design Philosophy Behind Motorola's MC68000, Part 2: Data-movement, Arithmetic, and Logic Instructions342
A look at the capabilities of the MC68000's instruction set.
Thomas W. Starnes
Building a Hard-Disk Interface for an S-100 System, Part 3: Software368
How to alter the CP/M operating system so that it will accomodate a Winchester disk drive and controller.
Andrew C. Cruce, Scott A. Alexander
Using IBM's Marvelous Keyboard402
It's farily simple procedure to change IBM's keyboard to the Dvorak layout, or even use the keyboard with other computers and software.
David B. Giasco, Murray Sargent III
Strongly Typed Languages418
Ada, Pascal, and other new languages let you define your own data types.
Earl E. McCoy
The Ins and Outs of the TRS-80 Color Computer438
Find out how the Color Computer interfaces with the outside world.
Colin J. Stearman
A Conceptual Approach to Real-Time Programming452
You can use various real-time programming techiques to turn a lazy computer into a real worker.
Craig R. Wyss
Regression Fitting to Economic Indexes474
An Apple II program can help determine base rates of inflation through analysis of the Consumer Price Index.
John R. Merrill
Sorting Algorithms for Microcomputers482
Programmer ingenuity and search of the existing literature can significantly improve sort performance.
Terry Barron, George Diehr
Little Big Computer, The TRS-80 Modle 100 Portable Computer14
Rich Malloy
The Fortune 32:16 Business Computer82
Steven H. Barry
What a Concept! A View of the Corvus Computer134
Curtis Feigel
Word Tools for the IBM Personal Computer176
Richard S. Shuford
A Comparison of Five Database Management Programs220
Jack L. Abbott
Painter Power263
Chris Pappas, William H. Murray
Winslow H. Fuller
Editorial: Disenchantment with Detroit6
Lawrence J. Curran
Book Review: Microprocessor Systems, Interfacing and Applications326
William H. Murray
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