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Volume 2, issue 13 (December, 1985): Special Issue 1986

Table of Contents
RUNning Ruminations6
Publisher's Notes6
Programming Primer8
Take charge of your computer and begin wiriting your own programs. You need only learn some fundamentals.
David A. Hook
C-64/C-128 Graphics - You Won't Believe Your Eyes20
When it comes to graphics, both the C-64 and C-128 offer some superb features. the trick is in accesing these features. Using sample programs, this article shows you how, and helps you better understand Commodore graphics programming.
Louis R. Wallace
In this special issue we've prepared a collection of 512 valuable hints and tips for Commodore owners. The following section contains all the Magic tricks publised during 1985, plus over 200 new tricks prepared especially for this issue. Whether you're a new or exprienced Commodore computer owner, a hardware or software devotee, a dedicated hacker or a once-a-year computerist, you'll find many tricks here that will make your computing more enjoyable and useful.
Louis F. Sander
The Sound of C-128 Music48
Now, with the C-128's Basic 7.0, anyone can take full advantage of the sensational SID chip. Your C-128 can become a one-man band in no time.
Matthew Stern
Get On-Line! Discover the World of Telecommunications54
With a Commodore computer and modem, you can bring the exciting world of telecommunications to your fingertips. This article introduces you to that world, familiarizes you with its terminology, reviews Commodore's modems and provides a list of the major commercial networks available.
Peggy Herrington
C-128 Programmer's Aid62
The C-128 is a programmer's delight. Its enhanced Basic features many more programming aids than the C-64, so you can take command of your programming with ease.
Morton Kevelson
CP/M and the C-12870
Here's an introduction to the wide world of CP/M, along with a discussion of its numerous applications and software.
Cheryl Peterson
How to Avoid Computer Diseaster74
Wheter you're a new C-128 computer owner or a long-time C-64 owner, you'll want to heed these tips to prolong the life of your computing system.
Annette Hinshaw
Definitions & Demostrations - C-64/C-128 Terms Explained80
Is you head spinning from trying to distinguish between Basic 2.0 and Basic 7.0 commands? Well, here's a comprehensive list of C-64 and C-128 commands, statements, functions and reserved variables that is sure to set you straight. aso included are examples of how you may use them for programming.
Margaret Morabito
Commodore Clubs162
Plus: Programmer's Reference Chart

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