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Volume 4, issue 11 (November, 1979): Fun and games

Table of Contents
Solving Soma Cube and Polyomino Puzzles26
Douglas A. Macdonald
Programming Strategies in the Game of Reversi66
Peter B. Maggs
A Spacecraft Simulator104
Gary Sivak
The National Micropastime113
Joseph J. Roehrig
Writing Animated Computer Games152
Tony Estep
Build a Simple Digital Oscilloscope222
Frank DeCaro
Ciarcia's Circuit Cellar: The Intel 808614
Steve Ciarcia
Alpha-Beta Pruning84
Get your shears out, and get ready to cut back your game trees, thereby saving both space and time.
W. Douglas Maurer
Interfacing the PET to a Line Printer98
P. K. Govind
Stack It Up140
Charlton H. Allen
Five Useful Programs for the SC/MP172
Charles A. Kapps
The Cherry Pro Keyboard232
Dan S. Parker
Editorial: Is Pseudoscience Done by Pseudo-Computerscience?6
Carl Helmers
Programming Quickies56, 192
Shape Table Conversion for the Apple II
Keyboard Input Software for the Z80
BYTE News81
Home Bus Standard Being Developed
TI Microcomputer Picture in Transition
AT&T Testing Home Information Systems
Heath Aquired by Zenith
8-inch Winchester Disk Market Still Trying to Get Off the Ground
Computerized Portable Home Entertainment Center Shown
Look It Up in the Data Dictionary
IEEE-488 Bust Interfacing Simplified
Silicon Valley-II Developing
GTE Takes on Viewdata
Dual-Sided Floppies Still in Short Supply
FCC Completes Radio Frequency Radiation Tests
8080 Still Going Strong
Sol Libes
Technical Forum: A Proposed Graphics Software Standard, Part 1196
Vincent C. Jones
Book Reviews220
8080/8085: Assembly Language Programming
Technical Aspects of Data Communications
Bruce R. Evans, Phil Hughes
BYTE's Bugs221
Broken Text at Quest of July 1979 BYTE
Event Queue228
Clubs and Newsletters236
Desk Top Wonders244
Extended Multiplication with the TI-58
Calculator Airborne Navigation
Michael E. Manwaring, L. J. Kuhns
Languages Forum: SNOBOL Commentary248
Jonathan Sachs
What's New?249
Unclassified Ads295
Reader Service, BOMB296

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