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Volume 4, issue 10 (October, 1979): Genealogy

Table of Contents
Tracing Your Own Roots22
Stan W. Merrill
Power Helps Analyze Electric Bills48
Karen S. Wolfe
Ciarcia's Circuit Cellar: Self-Refreshing LED Graphics Display58
Steve Ciarcia
Interfacing the S-100 Bus with the Intel 8255124
David L. Condra
The XYZ Phonomenon: Stereoscopic Plotting by Computer140
William T. Powers
Curve Fitting with Your Computer150
Fred R. Ruckdeschel
Space Game196
Loring C. White
Easy to Use Hashing Function200
Don Kinzer
Picking Up the Pieces76
Alfred S. Baker
Variables Whose Values Are Strings90
W. Douglas Maurer
IBM Compatible Disk Drives100
Jefferson H. Harman
The TRS-80 Speaks113
Tim Gargagliano, Kathryn Fons
Low-Level Program Optimization: Some Illustrative Cases168
James Lewis
Some Laws of Personal Computing186
T. G. Lewis
Budget Building on a Bare Board206
Dan S. Parker
Editiorial: Designing the Logic of the System - System Board Design, Part 2: Will the Parts Fit the Board?6
Carl Helmers
Technical Forum70
BYTE News107
The S-100 Bus - What is its future?
New image sensor uses photodiode array (Integrated Photomatrix Inc)
Random news
Random rumours
Personal computer timeshare network inaugurated
Dynamic memory and the "soft error"
Leave the driving to the microcomputer
16-bit microprocessors to dominate the 1980s
Nonimpact printers improving
Laser disk memory systems in developmnet
Pascal being pushed
Sol Libes
Event Queue162
Languages Forum174
And Its Interest SNOBOLs
Drop JCL and Start with WFL
Case Statements and Related Topics
Stefan M. Silverston, John C. Miller, Donald J. Gregory, Peter Grogono
BYTE's Bits192
BYTE's Bugs209
Pseudorandom Errors (June 1979)
Marsport Bugs Defeated (April 1979)
Gravitational Problems (April 1979)
Clubs and Newsletters Directory210
Book Reviews242
Practical Microcomputer Programming: The Intel 8080
Practical Microcomputer Programming: The M6800
Practical Microcomputer Programming: The Z80
Blaise W. Liffick
Programming Qickies246
An ASCII String Program
Table of Subroutines
What's New?249
Unclassified Ads295
Reader Service296

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