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Issue 2 (October 1st, 1996)

Table of Contents
Software Section 
Innovation in the 90s : The Super Hi-Res Flexible Line Interpretation Technique
Roland Toegel, Count Zero
Scrollies exposed : A look at simple scroll-text routines
XmikeX, Asger Alstrup
The Raster StarterKit, A classic 'slice' of VIC-II code
XmikeX, Dokken
Heaven in the net, an unedited excerpt of IRC on #c-64
Mike Gordillo
A demo of 'disC=overy', The exploration of rotation
John Kaiser
SID Primer: The Working Man's Guide to SID
Stephen L. Judd
Progenitor of the SID : An interview with Bob Yannes
Andreas Varga
Z80, The basics of it
Hardware Section 
Charger up! The VIC-20 to ATARI 2600 'Ram Cartridge' Programmer
Ravid Noam
The 8 bit Modplay 128 Board, a three-diode addition
Nate Dannenberg
The Virtual PLUS/4 : Upgrading your C16 to 64 Kilobytes!
Martin Gierich
Continued Lt. Kernal Hard Drive Support
Ron Fick
The Metal Shop
Mike Eglestone

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