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Issue 4 (October 5th, 1992)

Table of Contents
Learning Machine Language - Part 4
In the next issue we'll embark on a project of making a space invaders style game for the C=64/128 from scratch using custom characters, interrupt-driven music, animation, using the joystick, mouse or keyboard. The C64 and C128 versions will be developed con-currently, each program taking advantage of the machine's capabilities. This is the first in a series.
Craig Taylor
The Demo Corner: FLI - more color to the screen
All of us have heard complaints about the color constraints on C64. FLI picture can have all of the 16 colors in one character position. What then is this FLI and how it is done ?
Pasi Ojala
RS-232 Converter
This article details plan for a User port TO RS232 connector using just ONE IC and 4 capacitors. The circuit is included, and suggestions on alternative chips and parts are examined.
Warren Tustin
Introduction to the VIC-II
This article examines the VIC-II chip in detail and provides an explanation of the various registers associated with the chip.
Pasi Ojala
LITTLE RED READER: MS-DOS file reader for the 128 and 1571/81 drives
This article presents a program that reads MS-DOS files and the root directory of MS-DOS disks. This program copies files from disk to disk so two disk drives are required to use it (or a "virtual" drive). This scheme imposes no limit on the maximum size of a file to be transferred. The user-interface code is written in BASIC and presents a full-screen file selection menu. The grunt-work code is written in assembly language and operates at maximum velosity. Complete, explained code lisitings are included.
Craig S. Bruce

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