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Issue 5 (March 7th, 1993)

Table of Contents
Mail-Server Documentation
This articles describes how to access the mail-server for Commodore Hacking and includes a list of currently available files and back-issues.
Craig Taylor
The Demo Corner: Stretching Sprites
It's possible to expand sprites to more than twice their original size, but there is no need to expand all of them equally. This article examins how to expand them 2,3, or more multiples of their original size.
Pasi Ojala
Rob Hubbard's Music: Disassembled, Commented and Explained
This article presents the valuable source to Rob Hubbard's first music routine. This routine was used in Rob's first 20 or 30 musics, including such classics as Thing on a Spring (Gremlin Graphics), Commando (Elite), Thrust (Firebird), International Karate (System 3), and Proteus (also known as Warhawk, by Firebird).
Anthony McSweeney
ZPM3 and ZCCP Enhancements for CP/M Plus from Simeon Cran
Although all the articles to date in C= Hacking have focused on 6510/8502 programming, there have been some interesting developments on the Z80 front. C128 CP/M users should be aware of the benefits of a new set of enhancements to the operating system that offers inreased speed and flexibility as well as new features. If that isn't enough, this package will also run ZCPR 3.3 utilities and applications that won't run under standard CP/M Plus.
Randy Winchester
Multi-Tasking on the C=128 - Part 1
This article examines the rudiments of Multi-Tasking and also details the system calls in the Multi-Tasking package to be released in the next issue of C= Hacking.
Craig Taylor
LITTLE RED READER: MS-DOS file reader/WRITER for the C128 and 1571/81
This article is an extension on Little Red Reader which was presented in the last issue and allows for reading and writing of MS-Dos diskettes from and to 1571/81 drives.
Craig S. Bruce

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