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Issue 6 (September 5th, 1993)

Table of Contents
The Demo Corner: DYCP - Horizontal Scrolling
DYCP - is a name for a horizontal scroller, where characters go smoothly up and down during their voyage from right to left. One possibility is a scroll with 8 characters - one character per sprite, but a real demo coder won't be satisfied with that.
Pasi Ojala
Opening the borders
VIC has many features and transparent borders are one of them. You can not make characters appear in the border, but sprites are displayed in the border too.
Pasi Ojala
A Heavy-Duty Power Supply for the C-64
This article describes how to build a heavier duty power supply for your Commodore 64 computer and includes a full schematic in GeoPaint format.
John C. Andrews
LZW Compression
LZW is perhaps the most widely used form of data compression today. It is simple to implement and achieves very decent compression at a fairly quick pace. LZW is used in PKZIP (shrink),PKARC (crunch), gifs,V.42bis and unix's compress. This article will attempt to explain how the compression works with a short example and 6502 source code in Buddy format.
Bill Lucier
THREE-KEY ROLLOVER for the C-128 and C-64
This article examines how a three-key rollover mechanism works for the keyboards of the C=128 and C=64 and will present Kernal-wedge implementations for both machines. Webster's doesn't seem to know, so I'll tell you that this means that the machine will act sensibly if you are holding down one key and then press another without releasing the first. This will be useful to fast touch typers.
Craig S. Bruce

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