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Issue 14 (November, 1996)

Table of Contents
The Commodore Telnet BBS
In this age of internetworked computer systems, is the Commodore left out? No way, as Bo Zimmerman describes how to coax your Commodore BBS system to play the networking game. Bo shows how to set up your BBS so that Internet users can "telnet" to your BBS from anywhere on the 'Net.
Bo Zimmerman
Menu Toolbox III
You've got this neat idea for a game, utility, or productivity application. The engine is complete and working, but the user interface is a mess. Do you scrap the project because you're not up to the task of writing a whole UI engine? Nonsense. Jeff presents a rich set of functions and subroutines to tame that killer application.
Jeff Jones
The CMD Nirvana: The Guts and Glory
Has your computer system started looking like the multi-headed beast from a "B" movie? Are you tired of having so many items on your desk? Do you envy IBM PC owners with their all-in-one computer? Well, if you answered YES! to any of the above, let Todd show you his souped up C128DCR. Learn how you, too, can "upgrade" your computer system and refine its image.
Todd S. Elliott
Jim Butterfield: The Commodore Guru - An Interview
Jim Butterfield has long been associated with the Commodore computer system, from the days of the KIM-1 to the present. Many of us learned machine language through Jim's articles or books, while most have benefitted from his early work on creating memory maps and documenting KERNAL routines for the Commodore line. Jim Lawless talks to the ubiquitous Commodore Guru.
Jim Lawless
Hi Tech Trickery: HEAVY MATH - Part 1: Introduction to Linear Programming (LP)
In part II of Alan's "Heavy Math" series, he moves right into Linear Programming and how to accomplish it on the C64. If you're still not sure what LP math is, read on, as you'll be surprised at which everyday problems fall into this category of mathematics.
Alan Jones
Hacking BASICs
Even as more and more programmers take up the ML flag and wave it proudly, there are many who either use BASIC entirely, or prototype pieces of code in BASIC before converting to ML. Richard outlines some common "gotchas" in the ever-present programming language.
Richard T. Cunningham
Twiddling the Bits: VIC-20 ROM Cartridge Exploration and Archiving
OK, VIC-20 enthusiasts, listen up. Resident VIC-20 cartridge expert Ward Shrake details exactly how the VIC-20 and its cartridges work together to allow the user to play games and use applications on cartridge. Ward details how to archive your collection of VIC carts, as well as how the computer recognizes and executes code on a cartridge.
Ward Shrake
The (cough, cough) Hacking Editor
Jim Brain
Hacking the Mags
FIDO's Nuggets
Geoff Sullivan
The Hacking Review
Tom Warnes
Hack Surfing
Commodore Trivia
Jim Brain
? DS, DS$: rem The Error Channel
The Next Hack
Hacking the Code

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