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Jim Brain


Magazine articles
C=HackingIssue 7 (February, 1994)Commodore Trivia Corner
 Issue 8 (August 7th, 1994)Commodore Trivia Corner
 Issue 9 (January 24th, 1995)Commodore Trivia Corner
 Issue 10 (July, 1995)Trivia
 Issue 11 (December 4th, 1995)The (cough,cough) Hacking Editor
 Issue 11 (December 4th, 1995)Commodore Trivia
 Issue 12 (March 15th, 1996)Underneath the Hood of the SuperCPU
 Issue 12 (March 15th, 1996)The (cough,cough) Hacking Editor
 Issue 12 (March 15th, 1996)Commodore Trivia
 Issue 13 (July, 1996)Commodore Trivia
 Issue 13 (July, 1996)The (cough, cough) Hacking Editor
 Issue 13 (July, 1996)Exploiting the 65C816S CPU
 Issue 13 (July, 1996)Using HTML on the Commodore, Part 1
 Issue 14 (November, 1996)The (cough, cough) Hacking Editor
 Issue 14 (November, 1996)Commodore Trivia
 Issue 15 (April, 1998)The (cough, cough) Hacking Editor
 Issue 15 (April, 1998)The Canonical List of Commodore Produced Products, v2.0
 Issue 15 (April, 1998)Commodore Trivia

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