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Issue 20 (April 18th, 2001)

Table of Contents
Stephen L. Judd
Side Hacking 
Super/Turbo CPU VDC Hack
Normally it is not possible to access the VDC chip when using a SuperCPU64 or Turbo CPU on a 128. The 1-wire hack described in this article fixes that situation!
Henry Sopko
16K Memory Expansion for the VIC-20
This article describes a nifty way to add more memory to the VIC-20, along with some basic circuit design information for the hardware neophyte (i.e. people like me!).
Per Olofsson
Quick Quadratic Splines
A spline is a powerful tool for drawing a curve through an arbitrary set of points -- for motion/animation, for arbitrary curves (like fonts), and numerous other tasks. This article describes _quadratic_ splines and some fast C64 implementations, and includes a program for experimenting with splines.
Stephen L. Judd
Main Articles 
VIC-20 Kernal ROM Disassembly Project
The ever-dependable Richard Cini has written the fourth article in the quest for a complete disassembly of the VIC-20 kernal. This installment focuses on device I/O routines: SETNAM, SETLF, OPEN, and beyond.
Richard Cini
MODs and Digital Mixing
Josmod is a program for JOS, by Jolse, that can play Amiga MOD files (and their newer successors). This article describes the general functioning of the program, the layout of a MOD file, and how to mix multiple digital samples in real-time (and hence play MODs!).
Jolse Maginnis
The C64 Digi
This article is, we hope, a complete reference on digital sampling and the C64, including: general theory, SID hardware description, and methods of playback (changing $d418, pulse width modulation, and various tricks). Numerous code examples are given, along with a program that does true 8-bit playback at 16KHz -- it requires a SuperCPU, but it is most impressive, and chances are awfully good that you've never heard a digi like this out of SID before.
Robin Harbron, Levente Hársfalvi, Stephen L. Judd

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