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Issue 21 (February 5th, 2002)

Table of Contents
Stephen L. Judd
Side Hacking 
Pulse Width Modulation, continued
Tying up some loose ends from last issue's digi article.
Introducing Full-Screen IFLI mode with a SuperCPU
Using a SuperCPU, it is possible to use the first three columns of an (I)FLI picture, and Todd shows how.
Todd S. Elliott
Main Articles 
VIC-20 Kernel ROM Disassembly Project, part IV
And now it's time to start on that most frightening of creations: the tape drive code!
Richard Cini
The Art of the Minigame
An article in six parts: Codebreaker, TinyPlay, MagerTris, Compressing Tiny Programs, TinyRinth and Tetrattack!
David Holz, Stephen L. Judd, Per Olofsson, Mark Seelye

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