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Volume 4, issue 8 (August, 1983)

Table of Contents
LISP for CP/M30
Running LISP under CP/M opens up the world of artificial intelligence to microcomputer user
William G. Wong
Microsystems tests the Cromemco C10 System46
A computer specifically designed for a novice user gets a good workout
Bill Machrone
XERA -- An Extended Erase Utility for CP/M54
An assembly language utility that emulates MP/M's ERAQ can save you hours of file reconstruction
Ian Ashdown
Access Manager58
A review of CP/M- and MP/M-compatible utility for creating database-managed system
Bruce H. Hunter
Fancy Font64
The Fancy Font software package provides a variety of type styles for the Epson MX-80, or lets you create your own
Bob Kowitt
The Computime SBC-88076
A review of versatile and unusual S-100 single board computer and disk controller
Dave Hardy, Ken Jackson
Logging-On CP/M83
Increase the security of multuser CP/M systems
Ralph H. Janelli
WordMaster Patches for WordStar Compability and Date/Time90
Patch WordMaster to make it more like WordStar; enter document dates and updates automatically
Jim Gibreath
Finding the Location of a Variable in North Star Basic98
Pass the address of a Basic variable or array to machine-language subroutines
Doug J. Anderson, John C. Nash
Preventing System Crashes During Warm Boot106
Frequent causes of warm boot failures, and ways to prevent them
Michael F. Sasso
Enhancing Your Spreadsheet Print Files108
A short program in MBasic removes some of the drudgery in working with spreadsheets
Tom Wiens
A General-Purpose Graphic Plotting Package: Part 3112
JRT Pascal and Pascal/Z listings for the programs described in Part 2
David H. Freese Jr.
Running WordStar Under TP/M118
Modifying TP/M allows the Control-X character to be passed to WordStar
Peter V. Radatti
The 50-Line Text Formatter Gets Running Fast120
Use this minimal text formatter to substitute for a word processor
Ian F. Darwin
Editor's Page8
Sol Libes
News and Views12
Ada Standard Adopted; Hardware Interface Standard; Software Checkout Service
Sol Libes
The CP/M Bus16
Discussion about the user area specifications and the different ways in which the existing programs allow them to be specified as a parts of the file name, and about the public domain utility system: LU.
Anthony Skjellum
In the Public Domain22
Catalogs, assemblers, cross-assemblers and disassemblers
Chris Terry
Letters to the Editor24
Software Directory122
SOFTPLOT/BGL; FILEBASE¨; Mailer; Quic-N-Easi AG¨; KBasic; MemoPlan; FilePlan; Font-19; Super-19 firmware upgrade kit; SCREEN MASTER
New Products128
Dual Systems System 83/80; RACOM Datafinder; UP-8 Universal EPROM programmer; CompuFone telephone interface with speech; TimEPORMmer TP-100 EPROM programmer/real-time clock; Sage Computer Technology Sage II 68000 computer; AutoCAD - a full CAD program for microcomputers; The Model MUL-0503 5V DC power supply with UPS capabilities; 5" hard disk systems from Tarbell Electronics

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