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Volume 4, issue 12 (December, 1983)

Table of Contents
Microsystems Reviews: Three More Lisps for CP/M36
Implementations that offer a broad spectrum of choices for those wishing to learn and use Lisp
William G. Wong
Microsystems Reviews: APCBASIC44
A Basic interpreter that provides significant extensions to NSBasic
Robert J. Stek
Microsystems Reviews: The Microdynamics S-100 EPROM Programmer52
A hardware and software package that can program a wide range of EPROMs
Ian F. Darwin
The Microsystems CP/M Software Directory60
A comprehensive listing of over 1,700 programs from nearly 500 sources
Sol Libes, John Manno, Chris Terry
CP/M Software Vendors (Primary Sources)86
Software vendor addresses: a cross-reference guide
A Debug Subroutine101
Make debugging easier by embedding print statements in a single subroutine
Lawrence A. Azlin III
Microsystems Reviews: The Ackerman Digital Synthetalker102
A speech synthesizer that talks with intelligble audio quality and also plays music
Dennis Thovson
Implementation of the IOBYTE Function on the North Star108
How to use the IOBYTE for input/output routing
Ted Camevale
Digital Research Computers' 16K and 32K Static RAM Boards118
Inexpensive and versatile 16K and 32K memoy boards that are easy to assemble
Mark D. Pickerill
Floppy Problems I Have Known126
Problems that may arise when you try to use a complex interface board with peripherals not supplied by the manufacturer
Kenneth M. Piggott
Improved Trigonometric Functions For CBasic-80130
How to bypass a weaknewss in CBasic's implementation of trig functions
Robert Lurie
Cheap Memory134
What to do with those inexpensive memory boards sitting on your shelves just waiting to be modified and used
Bill Kibler
Addendum to External Memory Management140
Listing of a program that moves data from one bank to another
Andrew L. Bender
Editor's Page8
Sol Libes
News and View13
DEC announces a micro-based VAX; The 32-bit micro race; Hard times in the desktop marketplace; DRI announces personal CP/M on a chip; The WARGAMES computer; Moving from one OS to another
Sol Libes
In the Public Domain18
Data compression; Data encryption
Chris Terry
Letters to the Editor22
The CP/M Bus30
Format incompatibilies; Traditional solutions; A software solution; Background; 8Ó standard format; Incorrigbles; Currently supported formats
Anthony Skjellum
Software Directory142
MBasic-to-Oasis Basic translator (MTRANS); 8086 0S converter; Database System; TRAKSLPAYER and TUNINGS; WS-Patch; Security, Security-Plus, Security-Plus-Log; FINANCIAL UTILITY I; MagicIndex; Real-Time C Run-Time Library for use with code generated by Whitesmiths C Compiler
New Products154
VFW-II peripheral controller; Basic SBC; Floating point processor; IEEE-488 64-line I/O module; STD Bus CPU; S-100 peripheral computer; New business computer; Security lock for small computers; Database membership for Apple users; Voice products by Texas Instruments; COMET monitors ship performance

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