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Volume 5, issue 1 (January, 1984)

Table of Contents
Enhancing MP/M II: Part 1: Features and Faults36
With a little effort you can realize the potential of an excellent, though somewhat unfinished, multiuser system
Tom Clodfelter
Getting Started with MP/M II: Installing a Basic MP/M System44
Bringng up MP/M II on almost any 8080, 8085, or Z80 is easy, but once you understand that basic implementation, you will have to decide if MP/M's advantages are for you
Dave Hardy, Ken Jackson
The MP/M 8-16 from Gifford Engineering64
A machine that's a pleasure to use -- for what it does, and for what it doesn't do
Bruce H. Hunter
Microsystems Reviews: The ProComp 8 Computer74
Though improved disk I/O makes the ProComp 8 considerably faster, it is the special utilities that make the difference
Dave Hardy, Ken Jackson
Microsystems Reviews: The paraGraphics Game Board78
An S-100 interface and an I/O mapped terminal that is much more than just a game board
Eric L. Beser
Adding Concurrency to MP/M II88
MP/M II, when enhanced with concurrency, will allow users to work with multiple programs and share facilities such as the printer and the hard disk
William G. Wong
CIS Cobol from Micro Focus98
An efficient medium for developing sophisticated applications programs that is also an excellent vechile for teaching Cobol
Leonardo Schwab
Prolog: A Tutorial/Review104
A flexible and powerful language, plus an implementation for the Z80 that is fast and easy to use
William G. Wong
Two users on a CP/M System110
With a COMmunicating BIOS, your single-user operating system can run a program and carry on a conversation simultaneosly
Richard Benser
Relocating Assemblers and Linkage Editors: Part 3120
A discussion of program libraries: The third installment in a series
Andrew L. Bender
Editor's Page8
End of the 8Ó floppy disks in favor of 5.25Ó
Sol Libes
News and Views10
370 on your desktop?, The top 10 micro makers, Intel delays 186 & 286, IBM reports record profit increase, The battle of the operating systems
Sol Libes
The S-100 Bus17
Wait states
Dave Hardy
The UNIX File22
UNIX standard
Ian F. Darwin
Letters to the Editor28
In the Public Domain34
Editors, text formatters and utilities
Chris Terry
Software Directory124
CO-SORT, Solomon Tutorial System, EMACS screen editor and LEX68 word processor, TCSª Client Ledger System, RP/M,UTLª, TCSª Total Accounting System
New Products130
Serial I/O expansion boards, Color graphic recording cameras, IBM PC XT compatible 8088-based CPU board, External monitor adaptor and 12Ó keyboard cable, New office disk duplicator, Micro Five Series 1000 multiuser expansion, MicroOffice 100 portable computer: the RoadRunner
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