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Volume 5, issue 3 (March, 1984)

Table of Contents
MS-DOS: An Overview, Part 146
This first article of a two-part series gives a general overview of MS-DOS, then enhancements to V2.0, and the support programs
William G. Wong
MSPRO: MS-DOS on the S-100 Bus54
An adaptation of MS-DOS 2.0 for the CompuPro 8085/8088 dual processor and the Lomas LDP-72 Disk Controller boards
Andrew L. Bender
Enhancing MP/M II, Part 262
Adding a multiuser login feature and a batch processor that allows programs to interact with each other though time sharing
Tom Clodfelter
Julian Date Conversion Functions80
Convert dates to and from Julian format for use by application programs running under CP/M Plus, MP/M II, and TurboDOS
Ron Fowler
Microsystems Reviews: "The Lightning One"94
A fast 8086 CPU with 8087 math coprocessor from Lomas Data Products running CP/M-86 and MS-DOS 2.0
Bruce Ratoff
Fortran-80: Simple changes for I/O99
Modifications to the disk-formatted read and write routines eliminate prolems with carriage returns and line feeds
Maynard Brandsma
Microsystems Reviews: The Dual Systems SIO4/DMA Serial I/O Board103
An intelligent 4-channel serial I/O processor with on-board FIFO buffer and support for XON/XOFF protocol, oriented to multiuser systems
Ian F. Darwin
MagicBind Supercedes Mailmerge111
A review of MagicBind, a print formatter and merge-print facility that offers true proportional spacing and more features that MailMerge at the same price
Roger Schlobin
SAL/80 from Protools116
A macro library providing structured assembly language facilities and useful utilities for the 8085/Z80 software developer
Mike Barker
Mass Renaming by Filetype120
A program that renames all files of a given filetype to a different filetype
George M. Gallen
Editor's Page8
Digital Research takes on UNIX
Sol Libes
News and Views12
DRI announces CP/M-86 version 3.1, 3M announces a new magnetic medium, S-100 product directory in works, Intel announces improved iAPX432, Adam Osborne forms software start-up venture, Personal CP/M comes to Z80
Sol Libes
From the Sidelines16
Subtle differences among the new releases give you more possibilities to choose room
Hank Kee
In the Public Domain22
Several BIOS enhancements -- from the early, quite basic, to more sophisticated
Chris Terry
The UNIX File26
ÒUNIX is a well-designed, usable operating system, but it can't protect users from ill-conceived attempts to produce enhancements.Ó - Banahan & Rutter
Ian F. Darwin
The S-100 Bus32
Simple power failure backup systems for the S-100
Dave Hardy
Letters to the Editor41
This month... problems plaguing the PIP utility, differing views on Nevada Fortran, and a closer look at memory management in older S-100 systems
Software Directory128
DataCURE: Error-correction disk backup/recovery utility, TXL: Telex link, CTL: Computer Telex Link, GINA+, Informail, Smartkey II, MICA General Ledger Package, MITE/MS
New Products132
Hard disk systems for CP/M, High-performance hard disk drives, 16-bit SBC built around Intel 80126, Disk subsystems, Stand-alone array processor for APL software, Sierra Data Sciences 8 MHz micros, ÒWatchdogÓ timer added to multipurpose Q-Bus board, S-100 modules for Intel 80286, Hard disk backup, ESDI/ESTI drives, PC bubble memory board, Monolitich Power FET Arrays

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