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Commodore LCD Lap Portable Update

Is there a lap portable computer in your future? Commodore's new LCD portable, introduced in prototype form at the January Consumer Electronics Show (see April GAZETTE), may hold special interest for Commodore 64 and 128 owners.

Originally scheduled for a midsummer entry, the portable is now being held back for release sometime after September, according to Frank Leonardi, Commodore's vice president for marketing. Despite rumors to the contrary, Leonardi confirmed that the portable has not been shelved.

The Commodore LCD has a super fast 80 X 16 liquid-crystal display, 32K RAM, 96K ROM, BASIC 3.6 (a slightly enhanced version of the Plus/4's BASIC), machine language monitor, and, among other features, eight built-in productivity programs (word processor, file manager, spreadsheet, address book, scheduler, calculator, memo pad, and terminal emulator). The portable, which weighs just five and a half pounds and fits in a briefcase, will sell for a reported $600.

During a recent visit to Commodore, the LCD's senior design engineer, Jeff Porter, took the GAZETTE on a tour of the finishing stages of the new machine. Beaming proudly, Porter rattled off a list of features as he showed off another prototype and then dropped in on members of the software design team who demonstrated final modifications:

Published in COMPUTE!'s Gazette, Issue 24, June 1985. Copyright © 1985 COMPUTE! Publications, Inc.

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