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Mapping The Commodore 64

Sheldon Leemon

In English

Publisher: COMPUTE! Publications, Inc., 1984

ISBN: 0-94238-623-X (Wikipedia Book Sources) (Wikipedian kirjalähteet)

This book is available electronically at http://www.devili.iki.fi/pub/Commodore/docs/Project64/misc/mapc6411.txt

Table of Contents
Chapter 1.
Chapter 2.
Chapter 3. BASIC and Kernal Working Storage
Chapter 4. 1K to 40K Screen, Memory, Sprite Pointers, and BASIC Program Text
Chapter 5. 8K BASIC ROM and 4K Free RAM
Chapter 6. VIC-II, SID, I/O Devices, Color RAM, and Character ROM
Chapter 7. 8K Operating System Kernal ROM
Appendix A. A Beginner's Guide to Typing In Programs
Appendix B. How to Type In Programs
Appendix C. Screen Location Table
Appendix D. Screen Color Memory Table
Appendix E. Screen Color Codes
Appendix F. ASCII Codes
Appendix G. Screen Codes
Appendix H. Commodore 64 Keycodes
Index (By Memory Location)

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