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Mapping the Commodore 128

Ottis R. Cowper

In English

Publisher: COMPUTE! Publications, Inc., 1986

ISBN: 0-87455-060-2 (Wikipedia Book Sources) (Wikipedian kirjalähteet)

This book is available electronically at http://www.devili.iki.fi/pub/Commodore/docs/books/Mapping_the_Commodore_128.pdf

Table of Contents
1. Memory Organization1
2. Common Working Storage Area13
3. Bank 0 Working Storage Area115
4. RAM Usage181
6. Machine Language Monitor ROM241
7. Screen Editor ROM267
8. I/O Chip Registers, Color RAM, and Character ROM331
9. Kernal ROM509
Appendices 617
A. Interrupts/Todrf Heimarck619
B. Bugs and Quirks in 128 ROM625
C. Character, Screen, and Keyboard Codes629
D. Musical Note Frequencies645
E. 64/128 Memory Map Cross Reference649
F. BASIC Keyword Index657
G. Index of Locations and Routines663

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