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BASIC Computer Language

David A. Lien

first edition, second print

In English

Publisher: Radio Shack, 1978

Radio Shack cat. no.: 62-2016

Table of Contents
This User's Manual and You4
Part A 
Chapter 1 Computer Etiquette. PRINT, NEW, and RUN.7
Chapter 2 Expanding a Program. LIST, REM, END, LET, WHAT?, HOW?11
Chapter 3 Math Operators.17
Chapter 4 Scientific Notation.23
Chapter 5 Order of Operations. Use of Parenthesis.25
Chapter 6 Relational Operators. IF-THEN, GOTO.29
Chapter 7 INPUTting Data.33
Chapter 8 Calculator Mode. MEM, SORRY.37
Chapter 9 Using Cassette Tape for Mass Storage. CLOAD, CSAVE.41
Chapter 10 Loops. FOR-NEXT, STEP, CLS, Break Key.45
Chapter 11 Timer Loops. LIST ###, RUN ###, STOP, CONT.53
Chapter 12 Formatting Output with TAB61
Chapter 13 Nested Loops65
Chapter 14 INT Function69
Chapter 15 More Branching Statements, Subroutines, ON-GOTO, GOSUB, ON-GOSUB, RETURN77
Chapter 16 READ, DATA, RESTORE. String Variables A$ and B$85
Chapter 17 ABS Function93
Chapter 18 Level I Shorthand Dialect. Multiple-Statement Lines.95
Chapter 19 Generating Random Numbers with RND99
Chapter 20 Video Display Graphics. SET, RESET.105
Chapter 21 Arrays Using A(X)123
Chapter 22 Advanced Graphics. PRINT AT. POINT.133
Chapter 23 Flowcharting141
Chapter 24 Logical Operators. * (AND), + (OR).147
Chapter 25 Advanced Subroutines.155
Chapter 26 Debugging Programs165
Part B: Sample Answers to Programming Exercises in Chapters 3 through 25 177
Part C: Prepared User's Programs 201
Appendix A: Prepared User Subroutines216
Appendix B: Cassette Data Files221
Appendix C: Combined Function and ROM Test225

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