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Best of Interface Age Volume I: Software in BASIC

Carl D. Warren (editor)

In English

Publisher: dilithium Press, 1979

ISBN: 0-918398-36-3 (Wikipedia Book Sources) (Wikipedian kirjalähteet)
LCCN: 79-67462 (Library of Congress)

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Lawrence Livermode 8080 BASIC1
Jerry Barber, Royce Eckard, John Dickenson, David Mead, E. R. Fisher
Chapter 2 Dr. Wangs' Palo Alto TINY BASIC139
Roger Rauskolb
Chapter 3 National's TINY BASIC -- NIBL171
Phil Roybal, Mark Alexander
Chapter 4 The Great Experiment -- Floppy ROM(tm) #1 Robert Uiterwyk's 6800 4K BASIC229
Bill Turner, William Blomgren
Appendix A General Software Index301
Appendix B Available Back Issues311

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