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Best of PCW: Assembler Routines for the 6502

David Barrow

In English

Publisher: Century Communications Limited, 1985

ISBN: 0-7126-0507-X (Wikipedia Book Sources) (Wikipedian kirjalähteet)

Every serious assembler programmer needs well-documented sub-routines. This is a collection of the best routines for the 6502 compiled from the famous SUBSET series that has been running in Personal Computer World magazine for several years.

For the first time these invaluable routines have been collected together in a logical way and are introduced and explained to those new to the series by the editor.

Each 'Datasheet' has been documented and thoroughly tested to the standards set by the column.

This book presents the distilled experience of the best machine-code programmers and will be an essential part of any serious assembler programmer's library.

Table of Contents
Chapter 11
Chapter 29
Chapter 319
Chapter 427
Chapter 539
Chapter 651
Chapter 761
Chapter 873
Chapter 985
Chapter 1093
Chapter 11103
Chapter 12111
Chapter 13125
Chapter 14139
Chapter 15149
Chapter 16159
Chapter 17165
Appendix A175

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