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The Home Computer Wars

Michael S. Tomczyk

first edition, first print

In English

Publisher: COMPUTE! Publications, Inc., 1984

ISBN: 0-942386-75-2 (Wikipedia Book Sources) (Wikipedian kirjalähteet)

Table of Contents
Chapter One - 1979: Welcome to the War1
Chapter Two - Foreign Wars: The Japanese Are Coming25
Chapter Three - Captain Jack and the Temple of Doom57
Chapter Four - The Walrus and the Carpenter73
Chapter Five - Chicago CES: The War Starts Here101
Chapter Six - Crossing the Delaware119
Chapter Seven - Grace Under Pressure: The Real Story of the VIC-20159
Chapter Eight - Commodorians: The "Force" Was with Us209
Chapter Nine - Winning the War & The Last Days of Pompeii253
Chapter Ten - The New Atarians290

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