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The Giant Book of Computer Software

first edition, first print

In English

Publisher: Tab Books Inc., 1981

ISBN: 0-8306-1369-2 (Wikipedia Book Sources) (Wikipedian kirjalähteet)
LCCN: 80-28843 (Library of Congress)

The Giant Book of Computer Software by Editors of 73 Magazine

Here are hundreds of practical, proven programming ideas for the home computerist who wants more from his machine than commercially pre-packaged software can offer! It's the perfect computer companion for every hobbyist ... both beginning and advanced. Gives you all the how-to's for creating programs that do exactly what you want them to..whether it's for business, games and novelties, or hobby applications - from ham radito to RTYY and slow scan TV!

It puts a HUGE collection of reato-to-use information right at your fingertips ... with enough background and programming detail to satisfy any home computerist, experimenter, or hobbyist who wants to branch out on his own! If you're a newcomer to computers, you'll appreciate this easy-to-follow introduction to computer languages - fundamental machine language, assembly language, and high level languages - with specific info on both BASIC and FORTRAN. The soft art of programming is fully spelled out with lots of printouts, diagrams, flowcharts, and isslustrations to make it easy for even a novice to write workable programs from the start!

You'll learn all about priter driver programs, music-generating programs, debugging procedures, a monitor/editor system, and more. Elevtronics programming is also throughly covered...you'll learn to design your own electronic circuity, saving both time and money in the process! And there's more! Antenna programming how-to's help you figure out the size of elements on a log periodic antenna, a dipole antenna, or a phased array...even how to aim the antenna after you build it according to the computer-generated dimensions! Ham radio operation gets lots of attention, too. Whether you're into contacting hams via satellites, want to check your contest duplicates quickly, or would like to devise controls for certain ham rigs, the programs to help you are included in the this giant software sourcebook.

From start to finish, this is a book that will open up all kinds of new vistas for using your own microcomputer, whether you're a hobbyist, electronics experimenter or just want to use your machine for more specialized purposes than pre-packaged software permits!

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