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Stepper Motor [Stepper motor] End to end on either coil = 74 ohms
End to centertap = 37 ohms
Spindle Motor [Spindle motor] Motor coil (red wire to blue wire) = 71 ohms
Tach coil (green wire to yellow wire) = 175 ohms at rest
Tach coil while rotating spindle = 135 - 195 ohms

Measurements made at connector on motor control pcb.
R/W Head [R/W Head] R/W coil (black wire to red wire) = 28.5 ohms
R/W coil (red wire to white wire) = 15 ohms
R/W Head R/W coil (black wire to white wire) = 15 ohms
Wire Erase coil (green wire to white wire) = 11.9 ohms

Measurements made at the 5 pin plug at the end of the R/W head cable.
The plug should be disconnected.

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