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characters, and combinations of all the different graphics and character display modes.
INSTRUMENT CONTROL Your COMMODORE 64 has a serial port, RS-232 port and a user port for use with a variety of special industrial applications. An IEEE/488 cartridge is also available as an optional extra.
JOURNALS AND CREATIVE WRITING The COMMODORE 64 will soon offer an exceptional wordprocessing system that matches or exceeds the qualities and flexibilities of most "high-priced" wordprocessors available. Of course you can save the information on either a 1541 Disk Drive or a DatassetteTM recorder and have it printed out using a VIC-PRINTER or PLOTTER.
LIGHTPEN CONTROL Applications requiring the use of a lightpen can be performed by any lightpen that will fit the COMMODORE 64 game port connector.
MACHINE CODE PROGRAMMING Your COMMODORE 64 PROGRAMMER'S REFERENCE GUIDE includes a machine language section, as well as a BASIC to machine code interface section. There's even a bibliography available for more in-depth study.
PAYROLL & FORMS PRINTOUT The COMMODORE 64 can be programmed to handle a variety of entry-type business applications. Upper/lower case letters combined with C64 "business form" graphics make it easy for you to design forms which can then be printed on your printer.
PRINTING The COMMODORE 64 interfaces with a variety of dot matrix and letter quality printers as well as plotters.
RECIPES You can store your favorite recipes on your COMMODORE 64 and its disk or cassette storage unit, and end the need for messy recipe cards that often get lost when you need them most.

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