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Volume 10, issue 10 (October, 1985): Simulating society

Table of Contents
Ciarcia's Circuit Cellar: Build the SB180 Single-Board Computer, Part 2: The Software86
This computer reasserts 8-bit computing in a 16-bit world
Steve Ciarcia
EGO: A Homebuilt CPU, Part 2: The Hardware101
How the hardware decodes and executes instructions
Clifford Kelley
Programming Project: Building a Computer in Software112
The realization of one software hacker's dream os designing a computer
Jonathan Amsterdam
Skycam: An Aeral Robotic Camera System122
A microcomputer provides the control to add three-dimensional mobility to TV and motion picture cameras
Lawrence L. Cone
Programming Insight: Simulating the Normal Distribution137
A BASIC routine for bell-curve sampling
Arthur G. Hansen
Programming Insight: IBM PC Joystick Control Using Turbo Pascal143
In-line assembly code provides high resolution
James P. McAdams
Why Models Go Wrong151
You must take care in applying the principles of logic, statistics, and measurement
Tom R. Houston
The Problem of Overfitting Data167
A mathematical model for balancing the number of parameters and the degree of fit
Wallace E. Larimore, Raman K. Mehra
Testing Large-Scale Simulations183
Using a discrete simulation language to develop large programs
Otis F. Bryan, Michael C. Natrella
Analyzing Goverment Policies199
Economic modeling with Lotus 1-2-3
Ross M. Miller, Alexander S. Kelso Jr.
Simulating the Arms Race213
In this model, military competition is based on weapons stockpiles
Michael D. Ward
This series of programs helps construct models of disease from real-world epidemics
Andrew G. Dean
Predicting Arson239
Micros become a new weapon in the fight against arson
Royer Cook
Fighting Fire with Technology249
The dBASE II database-management system goes to work in community-action service
Bruce Dillenbeck
Reviewer's Notebook257
Glenn Hartwig
The Ericsson Personal Computer258
Highlighting IBM PC compability and ergonomics
John D. Unger
The Stearns Desktop Computer264
Options and support may not outweigh inflexibility
Wayne Rash Jr.
The Portable STM Personal Computer270
An IBM PC-compatible portable with innovative features
R. Jeyaraman
A powerful language with a few quirks
Art Huston
A fully featured LISP implementation
William G. Wong
Discrete-event simulation on the IBM PC
Zaven A. Karian
The Toshiba P1340 Printer305
This fast high-density dot-matrix printer has few type fonts available
Rich Malloy
Review Feedback310
Computing at Chaos Manor: The Lord of the Manor Moves Upstairs315
Kaypro 286i, AT&T UNIX PC, Printer Optimizer, Mousestick, Ampro Little Board, Quickscreen, XyWrite, BIX and Borland
Jerry Pournelle
Chaos Manor Mail343
Jerry Pournelle
According to Webster: Commodore's Coup347
Amiga, Lattice C, Aztech C, ClickOn Worksheet, ClickArt, ClickArt/Publications, ClickArt/Letters, ClickArt/Effects, Mac Spell Right, Dow Jones and Omega Research
Bruce Webster
BYTE U.K.: Computers As Consultants367
Two exprestsystem shells from the U.K.
Dick Pountain
BYTE Japan: The Tokyo Microcomputer SHow381
The NEC PC-98XA, NEC PC-9801U2, 286 XENIX System V, the HP-9807 and a new Hitachi drive
William M. Raike
Circuit Cellar Feedback388
Steve Ciarcia
Editorial: Building BIX with Micros6
Phil Lemmons
AI Influences Database-Management Program
Sony, Toshiba Prepare High-Density 3-inch Disks
Color-Graphics Output Approaches Photographic Quality
Laptop Computers Linked to Two Airline Incindents
Novix Ships NC4000P Beta-Board
Fixes and Updates33
Update: More on Amiga
BYTE's Bugs: Pseudorandom Bugs (October 1984), Additional References (June 1985), Address Correction (July 1985), Correcting at Overnight (August 1985), Last Shall Be First (August 1985)
BYTE's Bits: New Phone Number for BYTEnet
What's New37, 395
Powerful High-Resolution Graphics Add Ons (SIGGRAPH show)
MicroPro Adds Low-End Word Processor (Easy)
BASIC Compiler from Microsoft (QuickBASIC)
Tape Controllers from Sigen (T-36, T-44)
Pop-up Outline Processing (Living Videotext's Ready!)
Tools for Turbo Pascal (Quinn-Curtis)
Touchpad Integrated with Keyboard (Key Tronic Touch Pad Keyboard)
Digital Joystick for CAD/CAM (CH Products Microstick)
Ask BYTE44
Steve Ciarcia
Clubs and Newsletters54
Book Reviews57
Computer Culture: The Scientific, Intelliectual, and Social Impact of the Computer
Numerical Methods for Engineers
Undestanding the Apple IIe
Digital Computers Fundamentals
Kenneth W. Kerber, Michael O'Neill, Rick Grehan, John V. Olson
Event Queue80
Unclassified Ads453
BYTE's Ongoing Monitor Box, BOMB Results454
Reader Service455

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