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Issue 37 (January, 1987)

Table of Contents
A View from the Bridge5
David Allikas
1571 Clone Machine; Kracker Jax; Gnome Kit; Project Planner/Reporter
Morton Kevelson, Ted Salamone
Tips Ahoy!91
Auto-Run 64; 64 Software Reset; Slow printing at ML speed; Menu hiliter; Custom bit maps for the C-128; Two italic character sets; Sysplot and Sysclear; Safe input basic routine; Rem Tamer!; USR joysick; Split screen; Sprite data maker; Koala Draw 128
Michael R. Davila
Commodares - Programming Challenges102
Problem #37-1: Magic Square; Problem #37-2: Outcast Order; Problem #37-3: Power Product; Problem #37-4: Phrase Reverser; Solutions for problems #33-1: Variable Log, #33-2: Sentence Disassembler and #33-3: Bouncing Balls
Program Listings117
Rupert Report: Basic Magic32
Dale Rupert
Entertainment Software Section41
The Year's Best Entertainment - Finest Funware of 1986 for the C-64/128; Top Gunner Collection; The Never Ending Story; Gettysburg: The Truning Point; The Financial Time Machine; Breakers; Battlefront
Arnie Katz, Bill Kunkel, Joyce Worley, Rick Teverbaugh
Cadet's Column: Cadet's DOS Revisited85
Cheryl Peterson
Vortex for the C-6420
Sean Wagle
Hanger 14 for the C-6423
Justin Luton
Starfighter for the C-6425
Mike Carston
BASIC Ahoy! for the C-6458
Carlos de la Guardia
Perma-Line for the C-6478
Buck Childress
Screens for the C-6482
Marie E. Coon
Catacombs for the C-6489
Cleveland M. Blakemore
Bugout for the C-6496
Tony Brantner
Lixter for the C-6498
Tim Little
Dark Fortress for the C-12899
A double screen game for the C-128. Requires both 80 and 40 column monitors and two joysticks.
Cleveland M. Blakemore
Bug Repellent for the C-64 and C-128110
Michael Kleinert, David Barron
Flankspeed for the C-64111
Gordon F. Wheat

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