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Issue 29 (May, 1986)

Table of Contents
A View from the Bridge7
David Allikas
Amiga graphics and programming software; C-128 cabinet; Hard drive; Games from SSI, Electronic Arts, Cygnus; Saxophone program; Spartan Apple emulator; CP/M software; Book of C-128 games; Mice; Micro toolkit; Anwering machine
Art Gallery32
Tips Ahoy!62
1571 or 1541?
Easy directory reader
Pause 64
Two drive detect for the C-128
Basic EOR
Epyx drive switch
Window input
Michael R. Davila
Programmers' BASIC Toolkit; Help Master 64; BASIC 128; Ortho's Computerized Gardening
Cheryl Peterson, Richard Herring
Problem #29-1: Print Maker
Problem #29-2: Generic Game
Problem #29-3: Beat Keeper
Problem #29-4: Large Product
Solutions for #24-1: Printing Permutations, #25-1: Character Spiral, #25-2: Dandy Deletion, #25-3: Color Criteria and #25-4: Central Locator
Dale Rupert
Program Listings97
Rupert Report: The Great Escape - Using Escape Codes on the Commodore 12818
Dale Rupert
The C-128 Graphic Bit Map37
What Goes on Behind the Screens with BASIC 7.0's Graphic Commands
Morton Kevelson
Entertainment Software Section41
Going for the Gold - A Strategy Guide to Epyx's Olympic Series
Computer Boxing - Punch Programs Make Computerists into Lords of the Ring
Reviews: Heart of Africa; Fighter Command; Silent Service; Ultima IV; Zorro
Bill Kunkel, Arnie Katz, Rick Teverbaugh
Cadet's Column: More BASIC Programming79
Including Alchemist's Apprentice, A Program for the C-64, C-128, and Plus/4
Cheryl Peterson
Commodore Roots: The Musical Commodore85
How to Make SID Sing
Mark Andrews
Free RAM Check for the C-6435
Buck Childress
Bigprint for the C-6449
Enlarged Characters for the C-64
Paul Montognese
Star Search for the C-6454
Jim Sanders
Failsafe for the C-6456
Automatic Save Routine for the C-64
Buck Childress
English Darts60
Michael E. Townsend
Ski Folly for the C-6467
Kevin Brown
Bug Repellents for the C-64 and C-12898
Michael Kleinert, David Barron
Gordon F. Wheat

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