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Issue 39 (March, 1987)

Table of Contents
A View from the Bridge7
David Allikas
EPROM storage; PET software; 128 stock analysis; Graphics convertor; Tax programs; Joystick; Games from Electronic Arts, Activision, Accolade; Laser utility; Amiga hard drives, sidecar, compiler, disk manager; $2.50 PD disks; Car leasing
Corrections for Vault of Terror (October 1986), Rebels and Lords (December 1986), Hanger 14 (January 1987)
Reviews: Video Digitizers for the C-6464
Morton Kevelson
Art Gallery74
Tips Ahoy!81
40 columns in 80 column mode; Sprite lister; Instant free RAM check; Hacking and sipping; Simple scroll; SID maximize; Append programs on the C-128; Amigalike 128 resolution; Ready changer
Michael R. Davila
Problem #39-1: Exponential Power
Problem #39-2: Electric Power
Problem #39-3: Binary Power
Problem #39-4: Root Power
Correction for #32-3: Round Robin solution
Solutions for #34-3: Digit Decomposition, #35-1: Round About, #35-2: Series Sequence, #35-3: Time Converter and #35-4: Bad Luck
Dale Rupert
Program Listings91
Rupert Report: Basic Esthetics32
Writing Bad Programs without Really Trying
Dale Rupert
Entertainment Software Section41
Fun For All - Multiplayer Games for the Commodore 64/128
Under Construction: Ultimate Wizard
The Movie Monster Game
Championship Wrestling
Arnie Katz, Bill Kunkel, Ted Salamone, Rick Teverbaugh
Amiga Section53
Digi-View; PageSetter; Impact!
Morton Kevelson, Joe Lowery, Cheryl Peterson
COMAL Column: An Introduction73
Richard Herring
Lights Out for the C-6422
Walter E. Meyers
Caverns of Geehonk for the C-6426
John Fedor
Pinball Arcade for the C-6429
Tony Brantner
Wizard Tag for the C-6431
Bob Blackmer
Turbopoke for the C-6461
Jim Frost
Stow Away for the C-6462
Buck Childress
Rescue 12877
Buck Childress
C-64 Compressor78
Scott Miller Petty
Bug Repellents for the C-64 and C-12892
Michael Kleinert, David Barron
Flankspeed for the C-6493
Gordon F. Wheat

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