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Issue 41 (May, 1987)

Table of Contents
A View from the Bridge6
David Allikas
Free Abacus disks * 16K disk storage * 64-driven robot * BBS on disk * Video synchronizer * RS232/Serial link * Games from Accolade, data East, SSI, Epyx * Print shop art * Constitution quiz * Rock 'n Roll disk * CP/M catalog
Art Gallery32
Cyber Video; Sixth Sense 128; Tax Master
Morton Kevelson, Cheryl Peterson
Tips Ahoy!72
64 burst load
File sizer
C-64 char
Machine language to disk
Memory transfer 128
Datasette $ directory
Changing color RAM
No return
Disk jacket
Michael R. Davila
Problem #41-1: Real Thing
Problem #41-2: New Name
Problem #41-3: Word Slider
Problem #41-4: Smith Numbers
Solutions for #37-1: Magic Square, #37-2: Oucast Order, #37-3: Power Product and #37-4: Phrase Reverser
Dale Rupert
Program Listings83
Rupert Report: Kernal Power - Harnessing Those Mighty ROM Routines20
Built into the ROMs of the Commodore computers is a powerhouse of utilities called the Kernal routines. These routines efficiently perform a varety of tasks. They provide highlevel functions for the assembly lanaguage programmer.
Previosly we have discussed some of the Kernal routines for the C-64 (Rupert Report #16 and #17, Ahoy! 4/85 and 5/85). All 39 of the C-64 routines are still available in the C-128, althrough some of them have been modified slightly. There are 19 new routines documented for the C-128.
Dale Rupert
Entertainment Software Section41
Brain Games for the Whole Family - Three Multiplayer Strategy Games for the Commodore
Games: from Dream to Disk - How Computer Entertainment Software Is Designed
Iwo Jima 1945/Falklands 82
Desert Fox
Joyce Worley, Arnie Katz, Bill Kunkel, Steve Davidson, Rick Teverbaugh
COMAL Column: Microworlds in COMAL50
Richard Herring
Amiga Section53
DeluxePaint II
Morton Kevelson
Graphics Wedge for the C-6429
Robert Bixby
Moondog for the C-6430
James C. Hilty
Wall Crawler for the C-6430
Tony Brantner
Illusion Master for the C-6436
Robert B. Schofield
Startup for the C-12838
Michael R. Davila, Michael Kress, Paul Maioriello
Scavenger Hunt for the C-6463
Bob Blackmer
Bug Repellents for the C-64 and C-12884
Buck Childress
Flankspeed for the C-6485
Gordon F. Wheat

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