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Issue 30 (June, 1986)

Table of Contents
A View from the Bridge7
David Allikas
Data encrypter; Development system; Dvorak ROM; Color printers; Graphics display panel; Buffer and data switch; Amiga memory expander; Games from Activision, Sublogic, Avalon Hill; C-128 cheatsheets; Assemblers; Database; Commodore refinancing
Art Gallery32
Tips Ahoy!36
Michael R. Davila
Reviews: Computer Aided Design on the C-6457
CAD graphics has long been an elusive goal for the C-64. We now have same commerical packages which have taken the first irm steps towards attaining this lofty ambition. Although the results look promising we are not yet convienced that a true CAD system can be implemented on an eith bit, 1 MHz computer.
Reviewed: CAD-3D, CAD GEM, CADPACK-64 and FLEXIDRAW 5.0.
Morton Kevelson
Problem #30-1: Functional Entry
Problem #30-2: What Environment?
Problem #30-3: Word Wrapper
Problem #30-4: Color Bars
Solutions of #26-1: Apples Anyone?, #26-2: What's Your Sine?, #26-3: Dual Vowels and #26-4: Spelled Number
Dale Rupert
Program Listings83
Rupert Report: Debugging Dilemmas20
Dale Rupert
Entertainment Software Section47
Meeting the Ultima Challenge - How to find Fame and Fortune in Lod British's World
Play it Again, Casey - Getting the Most out of Computerized Stastical Baseball Games
The Board's Tale
Hero of the Golden Talisman
Quake Minus One
The Goonies
Sword of Kadash
Tracie Forman Hines, Arnie Katz, Bill Kunkel, Will Richardson
Commodore Roots: Now Hear This - Making SID Sing, Part II67
Mark Andrews
Cadet's Column: Trusting into The Public Domain Software77
Free Programs are a Modem and Mailing List Away!
Cheryl Peterson
LazyBASIC for the C-6426
Painless Program Entry for Basically 'Shiftless' Typists
Michael Bennett
Got A Match? for the C-6430
Walter E. Meyers
Star Strike for the C-6434
Bob Eaton
Queen's and Bishop's Tours for the C-12834
Daniel L. Miller
Shaker for the C-6445
John Fedor
Trackdown for the C-64 and VIC 2080
Buck Childress
Bug Repellents for the C-6484
Michael Kleinert, David Barron
Flankspeed for the C-6485
Gordon F. Wheat

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