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Issue 36 (December, 1986)

Table of Contents
A View from the Bridge7
David Allikas
C-64 animation; Photo scanner; Ornament maker; Bible on disk; Outline processor; Amiga character generator; Astrology; Games from Activision, Sublogic; C-128 books; 3-D graphics; Term paper writer; Serial interface; I/O card; Harware connectors; Database
Device One
XREF 128
Write's Choice, Filer's Choice, Planner's Choice
Morton Kevelson, Cheryl Peterson
Art Gallery90
Tips Ahoy!105
Carefree animation
Poke and find messages
One more function key!
High resultion ML assistance
No print
Fast simulator
Perfect circle
Save screen
Basic screen copier subroutine
1571 signle sided mode
Outer space with just four lines
Instant run
Michael R. Davila
Problem #36-1: Fancy Factorials
Problem #36-2: Animated Expansion
Problem #36-3: Life Times
Problem #36-4: Crossed Ladders
Solutions for #31-4: Repeated Compression, #32-1: Diligent Decoder, #32-2: Text Search and #32-3: Round Robin
Dale Rupert
Program Listings117
Rupert Report: File Manipulator20
Virtues of Using Relative Files
Dale Rupert
Commodore Roots: The Shadow Knows, Part II27
Exposed! What Commodore Never Told You About Programming Sprites in C-128 Assembly Language
Mark Andrews
Entertainment Software Section41
Pigskin Programs for Compu-Coaches - New titles give football fans lots of gaming choices
Under Construction: Fast Tracks
Ultimate Wizard
Arc of Yesod/Nodes of Yesod
Arnie Katz, Bill Kunkel, Ted Salamone, Rick Teverbaugh, Joyce Worley
Cadet's Column: Christmas Presents for Your Commodore100
Cheryl Peterson
Build a Five Volt Peripheral Power Supply92
Morton Kevelson
The Artist for the C-12834
Denoy DeBoer
Minotaur Maze for the C-6452
Cleveland M. Blakemore
Mouse in the House55
James C. Hilty
The Editor for the C-6456
Buck Childress
Micro City for the C-6476
Darryl Hawkins
Speedway for the C-6478
Tony Brantner
Lazy Source Code for the C-6488
Mnemonic Shorthand for Plegmatic Typists
Michael Bennett
Rebels and Lords for the C-6496
Terry Bryner
Bug Repellents for the C-64 and C-128118
Michael Kleinert, David Barron
Flankspeed for the C-64119
Gordon F. Wheat

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