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Volume 8, issue 6 (June, 1983): 16-bit designs

Table of Contents
16-Bit Designs52
Phil Lemmons
Sunrise Systems54
A Texas computer company produces a system to be custom-tailored by OEMs.
Bruce Roberts
Product Description: The Gavilan Mobile Computer74
Phil Lemmons
Digital's Professional 300 Series96
A Minicomputer Goes Micro
Wesley Melling
A DEC on Every Desk?104
John J. Snyder
Tight Squeeze: The HP Series 200 Model 16110
How Hewlett-Packard crammed a powerful 16-bit microcomputer into a square foot of desk space
John Monahan
Texas Instruments' 99/2 Basic Computer128
A look at the design process from concept to prototype
Harry Littlejohn, Mark Jander
Implementing Minicomupter Capabilities in a Desktop Microcomputer138
Multiple users, Xenix and local-area networks characterize the Altos 586.
Colin Nayler
A Machine for All Processors: The Fujitsu Model 16s150
The Micro 16s, with its plug-in processors, was designed to run a large variety of operating systems and applications programs.
Wayne Clingingsmith
The Pronto Series 16168
The design of a new business-oriented microcomputer based on the Intel 80186 microprocessor.
Skip Hansen
The Docutel/Olivetti M20: A Sleek Import188
A personal computer that marches to the beat of a different drummer - the Z8000.
Sergio Mello-Grand
Modular Architecture194
Designing a modular computer around the IBM PC.
Sudha Kavuru
Digital Research's DR Logo208
A user-friendly language comes of age.
Gary Kildall, David D. Thornburg
An Inside Look at MS-DOS230
The design decisions behind the popular operating system.
Tim Paterson
BYTE West Coast: A Guided Tour of Visi On256
Phil Lemmons
Ciarcia's Circuit Cellar: Use ADPCM for Highly Intelligble Speech Synthesis35
Some new integrated circuits from Oki Semiconductor comress digitized speech data effienctly.
Steve Ciarcia
Product Description: NEC PC-8201282
A new contender with Tandy's Model 100.
Steven Wszola
The User Goes to the Faire306
Our redoubtable critic journeys from Chaos Manor to the Eight West Coast Computer Faire.
Jerry Pournelle
Design Philosophy Behind Motorola's MC68000, Part 3: Advanced Instructions339
Thomas W. Starnes
The Bazeries Cylinder: A Cryptographic Challenge352
Rinaldo F. Prisco
AVL Trees387
Introducing a Russian-developed scheme for searching and updating sorted data efficiently.
W. Douglas Maurer
Build a Simple Light Pen for the Apple II395
Avoid complex hardware with the strategic use of software.
David J. Lilja
User's Column: Zenith Z-100, Epson QX-10, Software Licensing, and the Software Piracy Problem411
Our intrepid columnist shoots from the hip and takes a little flak.
Jerry Pournelle
The 8086 - An Architecture for the Future, Part 1: Introduction and Glossary450
The advanced 8086 microprocessor overcomes the limitations of previous designs.
Stephen A. Heywood
Hardware Review: HMS3264 EPROM Programmer288
Marvin L. De Jong
Hardware Review: Electrohome Supercolor Board and Color Monitor298
Jon N. Swanson
Editorial: Hight Tech Morril Act4
Lawrence J. Curran
Operating systems battle lines involve IBM, DEC, American Bell
Digital Research introduces Personal BASIC and markets languages for IBM PC-DOS
Sydis system integrates voice and Visiword
Microsoft announces multi-tool Word, mouse
Softoffice to offer IBM PC integrated software
Octagon 80286 supports three operating systems simultaneously
PFS:WRITE coming this month from Software Publishing
Micropro imporves Wordstar and introduces Planstar, Starburst, Starindex
Ashton-Tate introduces Friday
Sharp enters portable-computer market
Programming Quickies: Novel Methords of Interger Multiplication and Division364
G. Reichborn-Kjennerud
Technical Forum: Random Numbers from an All-Digital Generator379
You don't need a complex and expensive analog generator to produce fast random numbers.
Gary Finley
Book Review: 6502 Assembly-Language Subroutines446
Paul E. Hoffman
Clubs and Newsletters458
Ask BYTE462
Steve Ciarcia
Software Received466
Event Queue470
Books Received479
What's New?482
Unclassified Ads541
BOMB, BOMB Results542
Reader Service543

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