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Volume 6, issue 11 (November, 1981): Data base management systems

Table of Contents
Writing with a Data-Base Management System18
Edward Brent (Jr.)
Ciarcia's Circuit Cellar: Switching Power Supplies, An Introduction36
Steve Ciarcia
Fundamentals of Relational Data Organization48
John Neely, Steve Stewart
Build a Bar-Code Scanner Inexpensively62
Bradley W. Bennet
The Microcomputer as a Laboratory Instrument84
Daniel Cosgrove
Data-Base Management Systems: Powerful Newcomers to Microcomputers97
Michael Gagle, Gary J. Koehler, Andrew Whinston
DIF: A Format for Data Exchange between Applications174
Candace E. Kalish, Malinda F. Mayer
A Survey of Data-Base Management Systems for Microcomputers208
Kathryn S. Barley, James R. Driscoll
PDQ: A Data Manager for Beginners. Don't Reinvent the Wheel236
Paul Swanson
The Atari Tutorial, Part 3: Player-Missile Graphics312
Chris Crawford
Toward a Structured 6809 Assembly Language, Part 1: An Introducution to Structured Assembly Language370
Gregory Walker
PROLOG, A Step Toward the Ultimate Computer Language384
Ron Ferguson
PS - A FORTH-Like Threaded Language, Part 2400
Valo G. Motalygo
Linking a Pascal Microengine to Cyber 170472
Steven M. Sedlet, Jonathan Dust
Information Hiding in Pascal, Packages and Pointers493
Michael B. Feldman
Reversal, Otherllo for the Apple II76
Mark Friedman
The Extracton Stringy Floppy Data-Storage System126
Keith Carlson
System Review: The Datahandler from Miller Microcomputer Services138
Allyn Richardson
System Review: Microsoft Softcard152
Mark Pelczarski
Software Review: CourseWare Magazine166
Elaine Holden
Elizabeth Cooper, Yvon Kolya
Apple II File-Management Systems274
Ken Blochowiak
Mahlon G. Kelly
Five Spelling-Correction Programs for CP/M-Based Systems434
Phil Lemmons
Editorial: Can We Agree on Standards?6
Chris Morgan
BYTE's Bits8, 308
Networking Scheme for the TRS-80 Model II
Logo License Applications Available
BYTE Comment: Reviewing the Microcomputer Revolution134
Ed Faber
Sol Libes
Ask BYTE364
Steve Ciarcia
Languages Forum: A View from the Lectern: What's Wrong with Technical Writing Today?409
Carol Barnum
Technical Forum: Where Am I? A Proposal for a New Microprosessor Instruction413
S. S. Reddi
Programming Quickies: WRITELONG, A Pascal Simulation of Long-Integer Output414
Daniel S. Hunt
User's Column: New Software, New Hardware, Computer Languages, and Games449
Jerry Pournelle
Book Reviews458, 463
Apple Pascal: A Hands-On Approach
Threaded Imterpretive Languages
Hartley G. Lesser, A. Richard Miller
Software Received464
Clubs and Newsletters465
Event Queue466
Books Received490
System Notes: A Voice for the Apple II without Extra Hardware499
Robert A. Payne
What's New?505
Unclassified Ads558
Reader Service559
BOMB, BOMB Results560

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