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Issue 3 (March 26th, 1997)

Table of Contents
Software Section 
Rommaging around : $A480-$A856
Stephen L. Judd
A Closer Look at the VIC II's Output
Adrian Gonzales, George Taylor
Innovation in the 90s : Revisiting The Super Hi-Res Flexible Line Interpretation Technique
Roland Toegel, Count Zero, George Taylor
Defeating Digital Corrosion (AKA "Cracking") - A beginner's guide to software archiving
Jan Lund Thomsen
A possibility to be explored : Real Time Video with the Ram Expansion
Nate Dannenberg
A look into 'The Fridge'
Stephen L. Judd
C128 CP/M, trailblazer in a jungle of formats
Mike Gordillo
Hardware Section 
The X-10 Powerhouse, What is it?
David Barber
The Metal Shop
XmikeX, David Wood, Marc-Jano Knopp, Daniel Krug
Legal Section 
Articles of Operation, Distribution, et al.

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