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George Taylor

Magazine articles
C=HackingIssue 8 (August 7th, 1994)A Different Perspective: Three-Dimensional Graphics on the C64
 Issue 9 (January 24th, 1995)A Different Perspective, part II
 Issue 10 (July, 1995)A Different Perspective, part III
 Issue 11 (December 4th, 1995)Hi Tech Trickery
disC=overyIssue 1 (May 17th, 1996)TRI-FLI: A new video mode 'abrewing'?
 Issue 3 (March 26th, 1997)A Closer Look at the VIC II's Output
 Issue 3 (March 26th, 1997)Innovation in the 90s : Revisiting The Super Hi-Res Flexible Line Interpretation Technique

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