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Issue 7 (February, 1994)

Table of Contents
Commodore Trivia Corner
This section of C=Hacking will contain numerous questions that will test your knowledge of trivia for the Commodore computers. Each issue they'll be answers to the previous issues questions and new questions. How much do you know?
Jim Brain
InterNet Resources for the Commodore 64 / 128 V1.0
This article goes into detail about the available resources on the InterNet and is meant to introduce people to the wonderful, wacky world of the InterNet. It covers what the InterNet is, what capabilities it has and how to access those capabilities. In addition, it also includes Howard Herman's latest list of File Transfer sites for the Commodore computers.
Craig Taylor
Hiding kilobytes
Most Commodore 64 programs do not utilize even nearly all of the 64 kB random access memory space. By default, there are only 44 kilobytes of accessible RAM. This article describes how you can take the hiding 20 kilobytes to use.
Marko Mäkelä
FLD - Scrolling the screen
This article, using a technique described by Pasi Ojala in the last issue of C=Hacking, gives an example of a program using Flexible Line Distance technique.
Marek Klampar
Tech-tech - more resolution to vertical shift
At one time half of the demos had pictures waving horizontally on the width of the whole screen. This effect is named tech-tech and it is done using character graphics. How exactly and is the same possible with sprites ?
Pasi Ojala
ACE-128/64 PROGRAMMER'S REFERENCE GUIDE (version 0.9, for Release #10)
This article explains the complete system interface for the ACE-128/64 computing environment. It is intended to be used by programmers for developing software to run on top of the ACE kernel. ACE is a program for the Commodore 128 and Commodore 64 that provides a command shell environment that is similar to that of Unix.
Craig S. Bruce

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