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Issue 12 (March 15th, 1996)

Table of Contents
"Polygonamy": A Study in 3 Dimensions
Did you ever feel real time 3 Dimensional graphics was just asking too much from a Commodore 64? Well, ask no more, as Stephen shows us just hoiw it can be done. The 64 steps up to the challenge of displaying correctly rendered shaded 3D polygons right before your very eyes.
Stephen L. Judd
Underneath the Hood of the SuperCPU
Delve into the technical details of this new accelerator under development by CMD. Jim will explain its advantages over existing offering, epxlain the features it provides, and dispel some myths about the unit.
Jim Brain
Hi Tech Trickery - RUN64: Moving to 64 Mode
Trying to switch from 128 mode to 64 mode on a C128 without human intervwention is triccky. Doing it on modified KERNAL ROMs is doubly so. Doug details a routine that will work regardless of the ROM in use.
Doug Cotton
Hacking Graphics - Talking to TED: The MOS 7360/8360 Text Display ICs
All you Commodore Plus/4 lovers, listen up. Harsfalve delves into the Commodore Plus/4 TED chip, explains its many functions and details its various registers. Do you know all the things the TED chip does in addition to handle video. Now you'll know.
Levente Hársfalvi
The (cough,cough) Hacking Editor
Jim Brain
Hacking the Mags
FIDO's Nuggets
Hack Surfing
Commodore Trivia
Jim Brain
? DS, DS$: rem The Error Channel
The Next Hack
Hacking the Code

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