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Issue 13 (July, 1996)

Table of Contents
OS/A65: A Multitasking Operating System for 6502 Computers
Just when you thought it was safe to run a single program on your Commodore 64, Andre ups the ante and details a framework that allows you to coax your machine to do multiple things at once. If one app was trouble enough, try taming two or more at a time!
André Fachat
Using UQWK with QWKRR128
After years of using QWKRR128 to read BBS email and FIDO echoes, you want to access the Internet as well. Does that mean you'll have to shelve QWKRR128? No way! Gaelyne details how to use a UNIX program called UQWK to package up USENET newsgroups and Internet electronic mail for offline perusal by QWKR128.
Gaelyne R. Moranec
Brad Templeton: The Programmer's Friend - An Interview
Templeton, the originator of the PAL assembler and a driving force in programmer aids in the late 70's and early 80's, reflects on those early years, where programmer tools were pretty spartan. Travel in time with Brad to an era where IBM specialized in mainframes, and proprietary schemes were commonplace.
Jim Lawless
Hacking Graphics: Dim4: A Mind Expanding Experience
We've talked about 2D graphics, and we've talked about 3D graphics. So now it's time to talk about 4D graphics. This article will explain how to do just that, and includes source and binaries for dim4, an entry in the recent 4k demo contest held by Driven magazine.
Stephen L. Judd
Exploiting the 65C816S CPU
So, the eagerly anticipated accelerator from CMD is becoming available. Sure it's fast, and it'll boost speeds in existing applications. However, you know users won't be content for long. Learn how to take advantage of the extra addressing modes and wider CPU registers when you flip the '816 into Native mode. In addition, Jim will detail the preliminary set of "magic" memory locations in the CMD SuperCPU.
Jim Brain
Using HTML on the Commodore, Part 1
Your IBM friends are drooling over the World Wide Web and its markup language: HyperText Markup Language (HTML). Are you worried your CBM machine might not be able to handle HTML? Worry no more. Jim will teach you the HTML language and how it can be used on the Commodore system. In part 1, Jim details the language and its elements and lays the ground work for a Commodore HTML parsing engine.
Jim Brain
Hi Tech Trickery: HEAVY MATH - Part 0: History, Arithmetic, and Simple Algorithms
Here's the proof you need to kill off the persistent myth that 8-bitters can't cut the mustard in complex computations. Alan lays some groundwork and details a few tricks in stretching those 8-bits to the limit and beyond.
Alan Jones
Hacking Graphics: Creating 3-D Dungeon Crawls
So you have created the world's nastiest dungeon engine for your torture chamber of a game. Don't forget the presentation. Todd shows how to create a 3-dimensional scene that will bring your dungeon to life. This will give your unsuspecting victim the most realistic gameplay possible.
Todd S. Elliott
The (cough, cough) Hacking Editor
Jim Brain
Hacking the Mags
FIDO's Nuggets
Geoff Sullivan
Hack Surfing
Commodore Trivia
Jim Brain
? DS, DS$: rem The Error Channel
The Next Hack
Hacking the Code

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