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Issue 17 (November 15th, 1998)

Table of Contents
Stephen L. Judd
The C=Hallenge
Side Hacking 
SuperCPU Software Repair
An amateur's excursion into correcting errant wares.
Stephen L. Judd
Main Articles 
An Optimizing Hybrid LZ77 RLE Data Compression Program, aka Improving Compression Ratio for Low-Resource Decompression
Part two of a two-part article on data compression, giving a detailed description of the compression algorithms used in pucrunch, not to mention the decompression code.
Pasi Ojala
VIC-20 Kernel ROM Disassembly Project
This is the first in a series of articles which aims to present a complete, commented disassembly of the VIC-20 ROMs.
Richard Cini
asters Class: "NTSC/PAL fixing, part I
Sit up straight and pay attention. In the Masters Class, a Commodore luminary attempts to instruct a couple of ignorant plebians in his art. In this case, Robin and I set out to learn NTSC/PAL fixing from one of the greats, Decomp/Style. Our first fix, a demo from the obscure Finnish group Pu-239,
is included, along with detailed descriptions of our experiences.
Russel Reed, Robin Harbron, Stephen L. Judd
The Herd Mentality
This is a collection of entertaining musings on Commodore and the development of the C128, as provided by Bil Herd (and that's no bull). If you don't know who Bil Herd _is_, why not type SYS 32800,123,45,6 on a 128 sometime...
Bil Herd

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