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Issue 19 (May 29th, 2000)

Table of Contents
Side Hacking 
Burst Fastloader for the C64
The 128 can burst-load from devices such as the 1571 and 1581. With a small hardware modification, the C64 can too -- as it was originally designed for. This article discusses the modification along with example burstload code.
Pasi Ojala
8000's User Port & Centronics Printers
This article describes the user port on the PET 8000, including a demonstration BASIC program for sending data to e.g. a centronics printer via the user port.
Ken Ross
Main Articles 
Sex, lies, and microkernal-based 65816 native OSes, part 1
It's time to learn about OS design and design philosophy. This article starts with OS basics and ends with JOS innards. (JOS, in case you've been under a rock the past few months, is a rather cool multitasking 65816 OS which can do some rather cool things).
Jolse Maginnis
VIC-20 Kernel ROM Disassembly Project
And on we go to article three in the series. This article continues the investigation of the IRQ and NMI routines -- specifically, the routines called by those routines (UDTIM, SCNKEY, etc.).
Richard Cini
JPEG: Decoding and Rendering on a C64
Actually it's two articles:

"Decoding JPEGs". This article covers the basics and details of JPEG encoding and decoding, with special attention to the IDCT, and some related C64 issues.

"Bringing 'true color' images to the 64". This article discusses Floyd-Steinberg dithering, and how the IFLI graphics in jpz are rendered.
Stephen L. Judd, Adrian Gonzales

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