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Issue 8 (August 7th, 1994)

Table of Contents
Commodore Trivia Corner
This section of C=Hacking contains questions that test your knowledge of tricks and little known-information for the Commodore computers. Each issue they'll be answers to the previous issues questions and new questions. How much do you know?
Jim Brain
RS232 Converter
This article, with a minimum of parts, details how to make your own RS-232 converter.
Walter Wickersham
Programming the Commodore RAM Expansion Units (REUs)
The 8563 chip is a DMA (direct memory access) chip that allows for the Commodore 64 and 128 to use the Ram Expansion Units. This article examines how to access the chip in your own ML programs.
Richard Hable
A Different Perspective: Three-Dimensional Graphics on the C64
In this article is presented all the basic graphics tools and mathematical theory behind 3d graphics. The basic tools are using a charset to make graphics, plotting a point, drawing a line, clearing the graphics, and double buffering. The 3d tools are defining a 3d object, rotation of the object in 3d space, and perspective viewing on a 2d screen. Programs are presented in basic 2.0, basic 7.0, and assembly which show a rotating cube outline.
Stephen L. Judd, George Taylor
This article examines a 'real' operating system for the Commdore 128. It focuses on the OS being Multi-tasking, Distributed and based on a MicroKernal. Why? As he states, "Because I'm designing it, and that's what interests me. The ease-of-construction thing is important too. Another important question is "can it be done?". The answer is "yes." And it will be done, whenever I get around to it (one of these lifetimes)."
Craig S. Bruce

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