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Issue 9 (January 24th, 1995)

Table of Contents
Commodore Trivia Corner
This edition of Commodore Trivia Corner contains the answers to the July edition of trivia ($070 - $07F), the questions and answers for August ($080 - $08F), September ($090 - $09F), October ($0A0 - $0AF), November ($0B0 - $0BF), and the questions for the December edition ($0C0 - $0CF). Enjoy them!
Jim Brain
A Different Perspective, part II
This month George and Steve continue their series on 3D graphics on the C-64 with a look at hidden faces and filled faces. In addition to adding these features into last month's program some other improvements to the old program will be discussed, such as fast multiplication (around 24 cycles) and various bug fixes -- for instance, the program now works on older C-64's which initialize color RAM to the background color when the screen is cleared (sorry about that ;-). A very primitive form of texture mapping is also included. As usual, full source and executables are included. The native C64 files are in a Lynx archive, so you will obviously need Lynx to get at them -- check your favorite BBS or FTP site.
George Taylor, Stephen L. Judd
2D Graphics Toolbox -- Circles
To augment three-dimensional algorithms this series will focus on two-dimensional drawing algortihms. Circles are the subject this time around (heh -- get it?), and a very fast algorithm for drawing them on your C64 is presented, with examples in assembly and BASIC7.0. How fast is fast? How does 11 cycles per pixel without the use of tables grab ya?
Stephen L. Judd
AFLI-specs v1.0
In AFLI we can get 120 colors in theory (counted like this 16!/(2!*14!)=120). When we put red and blue hires pixels close to each other we get a vision of purple - thanks the television. This article details what AFLI is, how it's used and done.
D'Arc, Tony Clark
Coding Tricks
Included are a series of postings to comp.sys.cbm about neat coding tricks (in machine language) that are interesting and useful.
Paul van Loon
C.S. Bruce Interview
An interview with the author of Zed, the ACE os and many other numerous utilities for the Commodore 64/128.
Craig Taylor
Aligning 1541 Drives
A discussion regarding Commodore 1541 disk drive alignment procedures, with suggestions.
Ward Shrake

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