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Issue 11 (December 4th, 1995)

Table of Contents
Speed up RAMLink transfers with the Double-DMA Technique
RAMLink Designer Mark Fellows and Technical Editor Doug Cotton of CMD describe a way of using a Commodore REU to increase transfer rates of the CMD RAMLink to one-half the speed of the REU transfer rate.
Doug Cotton, Mark Fellows
The Graphics Toolbox
To add another tool to our toolbox, Stephen details a new algorithm for drawing ellipses. Some improvements to the circle routine in a previous column that will enable it to draw perfect circles of any radius is discussed, as well as details on using logarithms to perform division.
Stephen L. Judd
Design and Implementation of an Advanced Text Editor
Peer into the internal organization and implementation of an advanced text editor/word processor for the ACE environment. Relevant data structure, global variables, display maintenance, text "sloshing", and algorithms for many editing commands are detailed.
Craig S. Bruce
Hi Tech Trickery
Don't let anyone ever tell you the SID chip is only capable of 4 bit sample playback. George Taylor explains using the digi dithering technique to increase the SID's resolution.
George Taylor
Hacking Graphics
Dig into this overview on how to set up the VIC-II to display Doodle and KOALA format pictures. The two formats are detailed, and similar formats are referenced.
Rick Mosdell
The (cough,cough) Hacking Editor
Jim Brain
Hacking the Mags
Hack Surfing
Commodore Trivia
Jim Brain
? DS, DS$: rem The Error Channel
The Next Hack

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