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Issue 10 (July, 1995)

Table of Contents
Trivia Edition #13-18 are in this article. As you may know, these questions form part of a contest in which the monthly winner gets a prize (Thanks to my various prize donators). The whole thing is mainly just for fun, so please enjoy. Try your hand at Commodore trivia!!
Jim Brain
BFLI - New graphics modes 2
FLI gave us more color to the screen, AFLI increased the horizontal resolution and color selection by using the hires mode. BFLI stands for 'Big FLI' and gives us 400 lines instead of the usual two hundred. AFLI and BFLI can be combined, but we are not going into that.
Pasi Ojala
Making stable raster routines (C64 and VIC-20)
In this article, I document two methods of creating stable raster routines on Commodore computers. The principles apply for most 8-bit computers, not only Commodores, but raster effects are very rarely seen on other computers.
Marko Mäkelä
A Different Perspective, part III
Yes!!! It's yet another article on 3D graphics! Even if you haven't been following this series, you can use this program. This time around we will write a completely general polygon plotter -- if you can type basic data statements, you can create a three-dimensional object out of polygons and rotate and project it to your heart's content. For the more technically inclined we will look at optimizations to the line routine, EOR-buffer filling, and more! Yow!
Stephen L. Judd, George Taylor
Second SID Chip Installation
This article describes how to add a second sid chip for use in SidPlayer and other programs. As always, be extra careful when making modifications to your computer.
Mark A. Dickenson
OK, now that I have your attention, I lied. You can't solve dense linear systems of equations by direct methods without using memory to store the problem data. However, I'll come back to this memory free assertion later. The main purpose of this article is to rescue a usefull numerical algorithm, "Quartersolve", and also to provide a brief look at the COMAL programming language and BLAS routines.
Alan Jones
The World of IRC - A New Life for the C64/128
I've heard people talking about IRC. What is it? Why is it useful to me as a Commodore user? Bill "Coolhand" Lueck explains the hows and whys in this article.
Bill Lueck
SwiftLink-232 Application Notes (version 1.0b)
This information is made available from a paper document published by CMD, with CMD's permission.
Design and Implementation of a Simple/Efficient Upload/Download Protocol
This article details how to implement a custom upload/download protocol that is faster than most of the ones common to the C64/128 computers.
Craig S. Bruce
There has been a slight change in plans. I originally intended this article to give the design of a theoretical distributed multitasking microkernel operating systemfor the C128. I have decided to go a different route: to take out the distributed component for now and implement a real multitasking microkernel OS for a single machine and extend the system to be distributed later. The implementation so far is, of course, only in the prototype stage and the application for it is only a demo. Part III of this series will extend this demo system into, perhaps, a usable distributed operating system.
Craig S. Bruce

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