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Peter Viscarola

Magazine articles
The NT InsiderVolume 4, issue 5 (September, 1997)Peter Pontificates: Let's Fix WinDbg!
 Volume 5, issue 1 (January, 1998)Peter Pontificates: Life,As We Know It...Continues
 Volume 5, issue 2 (March, 1998)Peter Pontificates: CPUs Are Getting Faster
 Volume 5, issue 5 (September, 1998)Peter Pontificates: Don't Complain..It Could Be MFC
 Volume 5, issue 6 (November, 1998)Peter Pontificates: Holiday Computing
 Volume 6, issue 2 (March, 1999)Peter Pontificates - Linux? En ymmärrä!
 Volume 6, issue 3 (May, 1999)Peter Pontificates: Sucky Software
 Volume 6, issue 4 (July, 1999)Peter Pontificates: It's Dead Jim - NT Alpha Bites the Dust?
 Volume 6, issue 5 (September, 1999)Peter Pontificates: Developer's Systems
 Volume 6, issue 6 (November, 1999)Peter Pontificates: Holiday Computing - Revisited
 Volume 7, issue 1 (January, 2000)Peter Pontificates: From Bliss to Basura in Four Weeks (or less)
 Volume 7, issue 2 (March, 2000)Peter Pontificates: Give Me Hardware
 Volume 7, issue 3 (May, 2000)Peter Pontificates: Since We Have A Computer Anyway
 Volume 8, issue 1 (January, 2001)Peter Pontificates: Down and Out in High Tech
 Volume 8, issue 3 (May, 2001)Peter Pontificates: Function Follies -- Yeah, But Which Version?
 Volume 9, issue 1 (January, 2002)Peter Pontificates: 'Tis A Gift To Be Simple
 Volume 9, issue 2 (March, 2002)Peter Pontificates: Oh Say Can You C?
 Volume 9, issue 5 (October, 2002)Peter Pontificates: The Demise of Computer Science Education
 Volume 10, issue 1 (February, 2003)Peter Pontificates: To Hell With Compability
 Volume 10, issue 2 (March, 2003)Peter Pontificates: Coding Conventions
 Volume 10, issue 3 (May, 2003)Peter Pontificates: This Train Keeps Rollin'
 Volume 10, issue 4 (July, 2003)Peter Pontificates: Offshoring and the US Software Industry
 Volume 10, issue 5 (September, 2003)Peter Pontificates: My Favorite Things
 Volume 11, issue 1 (January, 2004)Peter Pontificates: The Good Old Days...Sucked
 Volume 11, issue 2 (March, 2004)Peter Pontificates: Discover the Internet Part Deux
 Volume 11, issue 3 (October, 2004)Peter Pontificates: We Do a Lousy Job
 Volume 11, issue 5 (November, 2004)Peter Pontificates: Wake Up! It's 64-Bit Time Now!
 Volume 12, issue 2 (March, 2005)Peter Pontificates: Multi-processors Everywhere!
 Volume 12, issue 3 (June, 2005)Peter Pontificates: Wanted: Engineering Discipline
 Volume 12, issue 4 (October, 2005)Peter Pontificates: Danger and the Windows Driver Kit
 Volume 13, issue 1 (January, 2006)Peter Pontificates: Appliance Computing
 Volume 13, issue 2 (March, 2006)Peter Pontificates: Computer Professionals in Harms Way
 Volume 13, issue 3 (May, 2006)Peter Pontificates: Focus on Vista
 Volume 13, issue 4 (August, 2006)Peter Pontificates: Does Vista Suck?
 Volume 14, issue 3 (October, 2007)Peter Pontificates: Don't Save Me from Myself

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